13-Year-Old Prodigy, Giselle Niemand, Mesmerizes With Debut Single “Lovers Do”

Introducing the gifted artist from South Africa, Giselle Niemand, as she unveils her highly anticipated debut single, “Lovers Do.” This extraordinary release, crafted under the mentorship of Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares, a distinguished songwriter and film executive producer with a stellar track record of platinum records, showcases the limitless potential of this burgeoning star. Despite being just 13 years old, she has taken the industry by storm as a singer, model, actress, and dancer, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever her talents shine.

Giselle Niemand takes center stage, enchanting the audience with her vocal prowess as she sings the lyrics:  “Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If I say I want it too/ Wanna do what friends don’t do/ What Lovers do/ Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If you don’t I’ll make that move/ Thinking me and you should do/ What Lovers do.”

With fearless conviction, Giselle artfully portrays the essence of boundless passion, transcending limits and shattering conventions. Her poignant expression defies expectations and boldly champions the pursuit of love and dreams, inspiring all who listen to embrace their own journey of daring and authenticity.

Following its jaw-dropping debut at New York Fashion Week, the song swiftly captured the hearts of listeners, soaring to the top of online charts. Undeterred by success, the ever-ambitious Niemand is already gearing up to unveil her newest creation, “Later,” this summer. With Manny Mijares at the helm, the visionary director who skillfully crafted the vibrant and joyous visuals of “Lovers Do,” viewers can expect another enchanting release that will undoubtedly leave them captivated and entranced.

Check out the music video below:

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