301 Pacs Reflects On The Modern American Struggle In Cyclical Nature

Washington-based rapper and songwriter, 301 Pacs, whose real name is Aaron Charles, has just released his latest work, the two-track EP, Cyclical Nature. The promising Hip Hop artist delves into the daily struggles faced by modern Americans in this release, featuring the tracks “Breathe Out” and “Woke Up.”

The lyrics of 301 Pacs’ “Woke Up,” which read “Still stuck on dead presidents / In this life I’m tryna die rich,” depict the ceaseless pursuit of a better life, which can leave one feeling trapped and exhausted. Through the song’s relatable narrative, the talented rapper captures the daily struggle of many young people, allowing listeners to connect with his message and find comfort in his words.

Charles admits that “Breath Out” was written after meeting a woman in Orlando who took him to three clubs in one night. Despite not being much of a dancer himself, 301 Pacs found her energy and vibe infectious, and the memory of that night stayed with him. Inspired by the jersey club renaissance and the song “Just Wanna Rock,” the rapper decided to capture the feeling of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and embracing new experiences.

301 Pacs firmly believes that being authentic is crucial in songwriting. He draws inspiration from the likes of Drake, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean, and strives to showcase his unique voice through his tracks. According to Charles, creating a socially impactful track or a club banger is not something that everyone can achieve, and that’s perfectly okay. Instead, he encourages artists to follow their instincts and create music that is true to who they are.

Listen to the full EP here: