Cakeswagg Just Dropped A Speakeasy-Inspired Music Video “Big Plays”

Throwback to the flamboyant jazzy era of 1920’s, Cakeswagg’s latest music video is like a lavish feast for the eyes and ears. Dressed like a flapper, the singer-songwriter immediately dives into rapping, speaking on the obstacles of a woman’s success and how working hard continuously is the key. An inspirational yet fun and playful piece, “Big Plays” is far from the mainstream, and represents the artist’s own experiences as it draws listeners in closer. Check out the song below!

Cakeswagg spoke about this single in an interview, saying that “The biggest inspiration behind ‘Big Plays’ was just feeling motivated to really push myself and make everything bigger and better in the new year. As an artist, it’s super easy to become complacent, especially when you’re achieving your goals. But ‘Big Plays’ is a reminder that the work is never really finished and that although it’s important to stop and smell the roses it’s important to keep going and keep working on getting better and better.”

Kickstarting 2023 with a brand new song and music video, this gorgeous lady is ready to sweep the hip-hop scene off its feet!