Tu Forty Rediscovers His Voice In Latest Album The Return

American Hip Hop artist, Tu Forty, makes an impressive comeback with his newly released album The Return. The record includes nine tracks, among which are “Forty,” “Can’t Relate,” “Notice Thee,” “Slitted,” “Right Hand Freestyle,” and “Code.”

Tu Forty reveals that his favorite song from the album is “Code,” “ It speaks for itself, I made that track in 30 min. I had super fun with it , it sticks to the true nature of the code that I’m delivering to the masses, and it’s different from the flow to the beat and what I’m talking about. Everything is all but a code!”

Speaking of the inspiration behind the new record, Tu Forty says, “It just came to me spiritually, it took a lot of alone time, and a high concentration span of studying our ancient history and where we really come from, and the truth to the lies we live in today. Also I’ve actually seen what you know as a “ufo” , they’re actually called a “vimana”!”

The Miami native revitalizes the urban genre with his unique approach to music, humans, the universe, and life in general.  Jordan Gutierrez, professionally known as Tu Forty defines his sound as intergalactic. With his latest album The Return, the rapper uncovers “how the world used to be through ancient knowledge of sound and rhythm!”

Listen to The Return here: