DDG And Kevin Gates Reflect On Past Loves In Their New ‘Love Myself’ Video

In his video for “Love Myself,” a cut from his latest album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, DDG finds comfort on his own. Teaming up with Kevin Gates, the two are seen dancing throughout a luxury home, surrounded by beautiful women, as they confront the consequences of their non-committal ways.

“Dealin’ with past traumas, hedonistic in nature / Healin’ to break the cycle / Been a bit commitment-shy, but / I’m willin’ to make you my love,” raps Gates on his verse.

DDG swoops in on the second verse, lamenting a lost love.

“Reminiscing on the times, I wish we could do it again / I f*cked around and had you blocked, but I’m on the burner again / Lurkin’ on your page twice, I even be checkin’ your friends / Started questionin’ myself, like, this sh*t ain’t never gon’ end,” raps DDG.

While he may be lamenting a past relationship on the track, DDG is currently dating Halle Bailey and recently opened up about their relationship in an interview with The Breakfast Club.

“I’ve never been with nobody that’s like really motivated me like she do,” he said. “I’m seeing different sh*t. I ain’t really been around this type of sh*t before, so it’s like, she’s bringing me around sh*t that I ain’t really—you know what I’m saying?”

Check out the “Love Myself” video above.

Kevin Gates is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.