Here’s Why Kim Kardashian’s Mystique Costume Had Some Saweetie Fans Crying Foul

Celebrities always pull out all the stops when it comes to Halloween, whether they’re musicians or actors or even just reality TV personalities who are mostly just famous for being famous. Heading up that last category, as always, were the Kardashians, who went with a superheroic theme for their All Hallow’s looks, embodying the X-Men comics’ Magik, Mystique, and Selene. It’s admittedly a bit of a weird trio to go with, if I’m allowed to indulge in a little geeky gatekeeping here, but that isn’t why some fans are scorning Kim for her Mystique costume.

Instead, it’s because they’re less than impressed with a perceived lack of creativity after another star, Bay Area rapper Saweetie, pulled off the same character in 2020. “no one should even attempt a mystique costume after saweetie devoured like this,” one fan asserted. There were apparently plenty who agreed, as a post asking “who did it better?” was met with an overwhelming response claiming Saweetie (along with a few joke responses for good measure)

Listen, in all fairness, there are only so many female X-Men characters to choose from and Bryan Singer’s decision to make Mystique a naked blue lady after decades of that iconic white sheath dress will always make the shapeshifter a prime candidate for a “sexy” costume (cue Cady’s description of Hallloween from Mean Girls). We definitely don’t want to see Kim doing Storm and this year, Rogue was taken. You see the Kardashian sisters are already scraping the bottom of the barrel with Magik and Selene — and Emma Fost aka “the White Queen” might have been a little too on-the-nose even for them.

But music fans on Twitter have proven to be relentless in their drive to find reasons to roast famous people online. Meanwhile, those same Saweetie fans have also been lamenting her lack of posts so far when she’s proven to be the queen of spooky season in years past. And, as for Kim K, maybe next year she can follow the leads of some of music’s other biggest stars and go for a hyperauthentic look with all the resources available to her.