Diddy’s Joker Halloween Costume Deserved An Award For Its Commitment To The Bit

Throughout the years, Diddy‘s ultra-authentic Halloween costumes have been a highlight of the holiday as he gets really into character. In 2018, his Pennywise costume went viral as he and his sons danced to Bad Boy hit “Special Delivery,” and now, he’s got the internet buzzing once again with another iconic clown character. This time, he got all dressed up as Heath Ledger’s Joker from the 2008 Batman sequel The Dark Knight, complete with a scraggly green wig, an outrageously patterned suit, and even a flamethrower.

But his commitment to the concept was so complete that he even threw on his own Joker voice — which is, admittedly, more Mark Hamill than Heath Ledger, although that may make it a bit more creepy — when he bumped into Tyler The Creator in a video that had some fans doing a double take. His Joker laugh is pretty spot on in the video; more maniacal than Ledger’s throaty chuckle and screechier than Jack Nicholson’s but not quite as unhinged as Hamil’s. I’d pay money to watch him do it on the big screen. Make it happen, Warner Discovery. Especially if, at some point in the movie, he drops the gag and gets gully like he does in the video below.