Cardi B Gives Marge Simpson A Big Dose Of Sex Appeal With Her Halloween Costume

Everybody’s getting into the spooky holiday spirit this year, and many stars are pulling out all the stops. That number now includes Cardi B, who gave the popular TV character Marge Simpson a sexy twist with her high-fashion costume. In a pair of Instagram posts, Cardi sports the signature Lego-yellow skin tone and ceiling-scraping blue ‘do, but instead of Marge’s traditional green shift dress and flats, she throws some va-va-voom on Mrs. Simpson’s familiar look with a green corset and sky-high pumps. Then, in a second shot, she reproduces a classic Mugler look, baring the top half of her booty in a black-and-white gown.

Cardi wasn’t the only one to don a Simpsons-inspired costume this Halloween; Lizzo also painted herself bright yellow and donned a big ol’ blue wig, but she also opted for Marge’s classic look with cartoon makeup lines. And while fans are likely to wonder who wore it best, both women are likely to get off with lighter treatment than Kim K, who accidentally reproduced Saweetie’s Mystique costume from a couple of years back, then wore it to the wrong (non-costume) party. Meanwhile, other standouts of the holiday include Diddy, whose Joker stole the show with his commitment to the bit, and Janelle Monae, who went super-authentic with her Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element.

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