What Is The Definition Of A ‘Munch’ From Ice Spice’s Hit Song?

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ice Spice finally spills the tea on the meaning behind her viral hit song, “Munch.”

The Bronx rapper revealed that the drill-inspired track was meant to add some fun to the music game and describe the heaps of “desperate men” who can’t stop thirsting after her. Spice said it was also a shot at her critiques and the men who had been sex-shaming her online.

“Because a munch is also being a hater,” she said. “It’s not just being a eater. They need to just get some money and worry about them.”

The “Name of Love” rapper urged the “eaters” to focus on themselves but admits they can prove helpful when necessary.

Spice also noted how people “switched up” once the song became a viral sensation.

“A lot of people switched up on the song,” Spice said. “At first they were like, ‘This is trash, whatever.’ And then the next day they’re like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about it.”

With Spice’s hit song gaining momentum and her 2019 single “No Clarity,” which samples Zedd’s “Clarity,” going viral on TikTok, the Gen Z rapper said she has big plans for herself, including a full-length project before the end of 2022.