Fox News Is Apparently Freaking Out And Desperate To Find The Person Who Leaked The Troubling Unaired Segments Of Kanye West’s Tucker Carlson Sit-Down

Kanye West has often flirted with going rightwing. You might remember him brandishing a MAGA cap while on SNL. Recently, though, he’s gone all-in. Earlier this month, Fox News aired a lengthy sit-down with their biggest star, Tucker Carlson, who tried to paint him as a brave free-thinker who dares to push against liberal norms. Then he started spewing anti-Semitic garbage. Thing is, he’d already done that before…while talking to Tucker. They just edited them out. The outtakes leaked, however, and the network still ain’t happy.

As per The Daily Beast, Fox News execs are “full-on freaked out” that portions of Kanye’s Tucker interview were unwittingly made public, and they’ve conducted a search for the “mole” who disseminated them.

It’s not the first time the network has sought a leaker. In 2012, a Bill O’Reilly producer handed behind-the-scenes footage to Gawker. In less than 24 hours, they’d found their man and escorted him out of the building. They’re not so quick-on-the-draw this time. It’s been almost a week since Vice published the Kanye-Tucker videos, which suggests the leaker may have learned from the previous leaker’s mistakes.

In the leaked outtakes, West spouted some out-there anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including that Planned Parenthood is trying to “control the Jew population,” who are actually Black people. He cited the beliefs of Black Israelites, some of whom have been deemed “outspoken anti-Semites and racists” by the Anti-Defamation League. He also claimed that actors had been “placed into my house to sexualize my kids.” These bits, alas, did not make the Fox News final cut. Wonder why.

(Via The Daily Beast)