MIA Used Alex Jones As An Example To Spew Her Anti-Vax Rhetoric

Earlier today, a judge ruled that disgraced right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must pay close to a billion dollars to families of children whose lives were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Jones has infamously spewed a lie for a decade claiming that the horrific act never happened. Probably not somebody that you’d want to use to prove a point, right? Well apparently rapper and provocateur MIA doesn’t feel that way.

In a tweet posted today, MIA used Jones as an example to push anti-vax rhetoric. “If Alex Jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?,” she wrote. That’s quite a line to draw in the sand and a fairly despicable analogy, especially given the timing of her new album, Mata, due out this Friday, October 14th.

And we can’t even begin to understand why MIA would choose such an unfathomable tragedy and nefarious person to cite when coming totally out of left field with anti-vax sentiments. Recently, MIA spoke to Zane Lowe to talk about how her new album is about a “clash” of “ego and spirituality.” Adding that, “…as a musician, you need some ego.” Perhaps she’s showing a bit too much of that ego here, just like Alex Jones always did.