Lil Yachty Takes A Walk In The Daytime In His Second ‘Poland’ Video

Riding the highs of his latest viral hit, “Poland,” Lil Yachty has shared a second visual for the lean-inspired anthem.

Like the song’s first music video, the second sees Yachty on a “walk” through Poland, this time, during the day. He is wearing a green hoodie, with some sort of contestant number printed on the front. Yachty also spits bars sitting on a stoop and dances in a garage.

Though it was only officially released this morning onto streaming platforms, the original video for “Poland” had already received over 4.3 million views on YouTube.

Yachty has previously described his upcoming album as more “alternative” sounding. In a recent interview with Complex, Yachty revealed that the album is complete, however, he is unsure as to when it will arrive.

“My album is done,” he said. “It’s mastered and done. When you’ll get it, I don’t f*cking know. My date has been pushed back like five times. The disappointing thing is that it probably won’t be on this side of the year unfortunately.”

He didn’t say much else about the album, though it’s likely we may hear a Drake collaboration.

“That’s my f*cking guy,” said Yachty about the Canadian rapper. “I talk to Drake every day.”

Check out the new video for “Poland” above.