The Game Says Dr. Dre Never Gave Him A Beat In His Career, Including On His Debut Album

Compton rapper The Game is known for making some eyebrow-raising comments but in the latest episode of Fresh Pair, he says something that might very well flip rap fans’ wigs entirely. While discussing his debut album The Documentary, Game insisted, “Dr. Dre didn’t do any beats” on it. When Just Blaze pushes back, Game elaborates that while Dr. Dre “oversaw” the making of the album “because he’s a mastermind when it comes to that,” he doubles down on his insistence that Dre didn’t make the beats.

He then goes a step further, declaring, “I’ve never had a Dre beat in my career.” While there are those who’d dispute this assertion, Game clarifies, “I’ve never had a song with Dre on it and Dre been in my video. Snoop has a ton. Em has a ton. I don’t have none.”

Although Game’s assertion seems to be contradicted by the credits in his discography, his point seems to hinge on Dre’s well-known penchant for employing co-producers on many of the songs he’s credited for producing — which could offer a broad range of possibilities for his actual contributions to those songs. This isn’t the first time Game has downplayed Dre’s involvement in his career, either. During his appearance on Drink Champs earlier this year, he maintained that Kanye West did more for him than Dre did, despite his naming albums after the superproducer and frequently shouting him out in hs lyrics. And while is comments may remain as confusing to fans today as they were then, now we have a bit more context for why he feels that way.

Watch the full episode of Uproxx’s new show Fresh Pair above.