Kanye West Promised To Play ‘All Drake Music At Donda Games’ After His Former Rival Likes An Instagram Post

Kanye West may be in the midst of a string of petty feuds, but he recently showed that he can set aside those conflicts for the sake of the greater good. Last year, he buried the hatchet with Drake at their Free Larry Hoover concert in LA, putting an end to about a half-decade of beef between the two. Now, it appears they’ve graduated to Instagram friends again, with Kanye noticing that Drake liked one of his recent posts about the backlash to his “White Lives Matter” shirts and subsequent “bullying” of the Vogue editor who spoke out against them.

Apparently, he was so overjoyed by this seemingly basic but positive reaction, he decided to let the world know about it in yet another post, while making a semi-extravagant gesture to thank his friend-turned-rival-turned-friend-again. “EVERYONE KNOWS ME AND DRAKE HAVE HAD A RIVALRY IN THE PAST,” he declared. “IT REALLY WARMED MY HEART TO SEE DRAKE LIKE ONE OF MY POST. WE STILL NEED THE DONDA TEAM TO PLAY NOCTA. ALL DRAKE MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED AT DONDA GAMES MOVING FORWARD.”

drake kanye instagram like

It’s Kanye, so he’ll probably forget or change his mind by the time the basketball season gets rolling, but it is kind of endearing to see him get so excited about a something as small as a “like” on Instagram. Too bad it can’t undo all the other icky behavior he’s been engaging in.