Akbar V’s Twitter Account Was Suspended After Her Argument With Cardi B

It looks like one of the contestants in yesterday’s (September 26) Twitter feud was forced to bow out. Cardi B and Atlanta rapper Akbar V were the trending topics of the day after what started as a subtweet turned into an explosive argument. Insults were traded, sex tapes were posted, and now, Akbar V’s account has apparently been suspended, although it’s unclear why or whether it was voluntary.

The two rappers spent an hour or so on Monday going back and forth, culminating in Akbar crying foul after Cardi posted an explicit video of her on the timeline. However, after Cardi had deleted the video in response to Akbar’s protests, fans in the comments pointed out that Akbar herself had already capitalized on the tape, using a still from it as a single cover (to be clear, this doesn’t make Cardi less wrong). It’s a whole mess, but it looks like Akbar won’t be able to continue the beef — at least, not on Twitter — for a while.

In some fans’ views, Akbar was lashing out at Cardi as a proxy for Nicki Minaj, with whom Cardi had another well-publicized feud a few years ago and Akbar recently collaborated. Interestingly, while all this was going on, Nicki was beefing with YouTube for age-restricting her booty-filled new video for “Likkle Miss” featuring Skeng.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.