Drake With The Shot? Video Shows The Rapper Draining 12 Three-Pointers Against Actual Defenders

When Drake’s team won the championship of his Sanctuary Basketball League (SBL) earlier this year, he likened himself to Kobe Bryant. “I did what Kobe did in Game 7 against the Celtics,” he said. “Shots not falling, you play f*cking defense.” Nevermind the differences between the NBA and a rec league that Drake owns for him and his buds to hoop it up in, you still gotta love the pomp. Now it seems as though Drake has been working on his jumper to channel his inner-Steph Curry. A video he posted shows the “God’s Plan” star draining 12 three-pointers across a series of pick-up games at New York’s ritzy Summit Gym.

“My bad I thought it was office hours… work,” he wrote on Instagram. The video indeed shows a smooth stroke from beyond the arc by Drake as he nails triple after triple. NY rapper Rowdy Rebel was also on the court and NBA trainer Chris Brickley was there presumably on Drake’s behalf.

Drake is feeling his outside shot for sure and even takes the ball to the rack a couple of times. But the defense in these games is uhhh.. lacking? There’s nary a hand in Drake’s face when he shoots, it’s like he’s paid everyone to go low when he rises up for a J. Some of the players look like Murray Hill bros who were afraid they might hurt the 6 God. But hey, whatever gets them scooped up by his squad so they can share in the spoils of those $100K championship rings, right?