Ari Lennox Delivers A Captivating Medley Of ‘POF’ And ‘Waste My Time’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

On the heels of her sophomore album, Age/Sex/Location, Ari Lennox stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a medley of cuts from the record.

Joined a group of background singers, a cellist, a drummer, and a keyboardist, Lennox opened with the album’s opening track “POF.”

“What’s that they say / back in the day / ‘It’s plenty of fish in the sea’ / Will somebody explain / What’s with these lame / fish that be swimmin’ to me,” Lennox sings, sounding just as impeccable live as she does on the song’s studio version.

Lennox smoothly transitions into another Age/Sex/Location favorite, “Waste My Time,” a more sensual cut on which Lennox sings, “Waste my time, get on my line / ‘Cause I got the time to waste / Use that mouth / blow this back out / Back up every word you say.”

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Lennox opened up about going to therapy, a decision she made earlier this year.

‘I was just tired of being a big ball of traumas,” Lennox said. “Just being unaware of what was going on inside. A lot of times, I can be so triggered, and it’s just like ‘Well, why?’…I’m starting to realize that it’s like a cycle, if you don’t realize you’re carrying all this weight, it comes out in different ways.”

Check out the performance above.

Age/Sex/Location is out now via Dreamville and Interscope. Stream it here.