Megan The Stallion Responds To The ‘WAP’ Conservative Backlash: ‘I Think They Secretly Like It’

On Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s new docuseries, Gutsy, the mother-daughter duo sits down with women artists, activists, and leaders inspiring change. In the series’ second episode, the two sit down with Megan Thee Stallion, as they each paint a portrait while discussing the criticism and misogyny they’ve faced in their careers.

“I kind of came to awareness of you with Cardi B, ‘WAP,‘” said Hillary, referring to the collaboration the pair dropped two years ago.

“I’ve always wanted to do a song with Cardi,” Megan said. “As soon as she sent it to me, I think I sent [my verses] back to her the next day.”

“It’s great to see women be so fierce,” said Chelsea.

Elsewhere in the interview, Chelsea asked Megan, “Were you surprised by the conservative backlash to you?”

Megan responded, “I was surprised that in this day in time, when you have so many options of so many things to look at and listen to, that the first thing you want to critique and talk about is something that you don’t like.”

Hillary then refers to Megan’s video for “Thot Sh*t,” in which an elected official is seen watching one of Megan’s music videos, and commenting on the video calling Megan and her dancers, “stupid regressive whores.” This portion of the video is likely in response to commentary from political commentators like Ben Shapiro, who called the song “really really really vulgar.”

“They dissect my lyrics, they dissect my life,” Megan said. “Well, let me give y’all something y’all might actually want to see. So I’m like, ‘Boom, here you go.’ I think they secretly like it.”

“I do too,” Chelsea said.

“I feel like they’re the majority of the views,” Megan said.

All episodes of Gutsy are now available for streaming on Apple TV+

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