Brent Faiyaz Has An Eventful Night Out At The Theater In His New ‘Loose Change’ Video

Still riding the highs of his sophomore album, Wasteland, which has proven to be one of the year’s most talked about albums, Brent Faiyaz has shared the visual for album cut, “Loose Change.”

In the visual, Faiyaz arrives to a theatrical adaptation of Wasteland, as performed by a group of ballerinas. Crowds fill up the theater in anticipation of witnessing dancers to bring new life to the project. Olympic gymnast Nastasya Generalova joins Faiyaz in the audience, although tension between the two is evident.

Although starring in a music video may be a new feat for Generalova, she revealed in an interview with C-Heads that she lives in a constant state of performance, so certainly, this new feat was nothing daunting for her.

“Being a rhythmic gymnast on the U.S. team, you are constantly performing,” she said. “I perform not only for the intent for the audience and judges to remember who I was and my personality, but I perform for myself as well. The best feeling is when you know you are alone with just your apparatus and it is as if you are dancing with a partner. Everything blurs out and you forget you are performing in front of thousands of people.”

Check out the video for “Loose Change” above.