Pusha T Approves Of Ukraine’s Ministry Of Defense Tweeting His ‘Numbers On The Board’ Lyrics

The ubiquity of hip-hop only grows over time and tends to reveal itself in some unconventional ways. Ukraine’s Ministry Of Defense posted a tweet on Wednesday, September 7, alluding to Russia’s combat losses from February to September ever since Vladimir Putin invaded the country. The tweet included lyrics from none other than Pusha T, and the rapper expressed his approval hours later.

“‘I put numbers on the boards.’ @Pusha_T,” stated the official Ukraine Defense account alongside a graphic detailing the number of eliminated personnel, tanks, armored combat vehicles, and more military equipment owned by Russia. The lyrics come from the Virginia rapper’s popular 2013 record “Numbers On The Boards.”

King Push quoted the tweet over 10 hours later, simply writing, “Great taste in music for the win…” This should not come as much of a shock, as the It’s Almost Dry artist has been very vocal about politics in the past, whether it be assisting Hillary Clinton in her presidential campaign back in 2016, his admiration for former President Barack Obama, advocating for prison reform, or publicly disagreeing with his longtime collaborator Kanye West over his support of Donald Trump.

Check out Ukraine’s Ministry Of Defense’s tweet above as well as Pusha T’s response.