(For You)r Consideration: The Hottest TikTok Trends In Music This Week

(For You)r Consideration is a weekly column breaking down the rappers and singers doing it RIGHT on TikTok and the viral TikTok music trends and top songs taking over your FYP.

The Rise of Ice Spice

If you haven’t heard her Drake-cosigned smash hit, “Munch,” then here’s your wake-up call. The track from the Bronx’s Ice Spice debuted back in August and has become virtually unavoidable on TikTok’s For You page. DaniLeigh used the single as background for a GRWM-style video for the VMAs, Kehlani posted two videos of the Bronx drill hit, and Chantel Jeffries took to her page to make a video with Ice Spice herself! The music video snippet posted to the app has over 1 million views, and over forty thousand videos have been created to the sound. With these numbers, there’s no doubt that “Much (Feelin’ U)” will continue to rise in popularity.

F*ck Em

Double standards are frustrating, and if you’ve ever needed an outlet to express that frustration, this trend is for you. Tennessee rapper Finesse2tymes’ latest single, “Back End,” is blowing up on TikTok to call attention to some silly and serious instances of inequality. In addition to lyrics, “It’s cool when they do it (It’s cool, huh?), it’s a problem when I do it, f*ck ’em,” creators are adding some extra flare by using the “Police Runner” filter by byten21, so you can simulate dodging the cops. Dig into the trend below.


Like wow so y’all all of sudden the cool parents now??!

♬ Back End – Finesse2tymes


Beyoncé finally released her 7th studio album last month. And just as the 16-track project has the world in a chokehold, content surrounding the album can’t seem to fizzle off the FYP. Creators on the app continue to show the album praise and have moved past ranking Bey’s discography and the songs on RENAISSANCE. Now, TikTokers are ranking the album’s critically acclaimed transitions. Self-proclaimed barb and Beyonce stan @shook.individual’s video ranking of the album’s transitions has just under 100k views. With these numbers, members of the Bey hive should rush to the app and hop on this trend.


I know alien superstar to cuff it isnt rly a transition but i live for the way she switched the energy with that 😭❤️ #OLAFLEX #beyonce #renaissance #ranking #transitions #album #albumtransitions #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca #viral #funny


Rosalía Has The Summer on Lock

Pop in some gum, start chewing, roll your eyes, and press play Rosalía’s chiptune track “Bizcochito” to hop on the trend that has populated TikTok all summer. TikTokers are using the track from the singer’s 3rd album, Motomami, to randomly give attitude to their friends and family. Doctors, beauticians, lawyers, and other professionals on the app are taking the sound and rolling their eyes at the widespread misinformation they’ve seen in their respective fields. Rosalía even hopped on the trend, serving up some attitude at the gym, eating sushi, and getting her hair done. There are currently over two hundred and fifty thousand videos and counting made using “Bizcochito,” combined with a cosign from the singer herself, this trend has staying power.

Chlöe Debuts A New Song

With three solo singles under her belt, a song with her ex-boo Gunna, and several covers circulating social media, the world is ready for Chlöe Bailey’s debut solo album. Last week, the UPROXX cover star took to TikTok in a vacation-ready look to give fans a taste of some unreleased music. The melody Bailey sings is traditional R&B leaning, departing from the uptempo pop tracks she’s released in the past. Fans in the comments expressed the snippet is similar to Brian McKnight records and the intro of cult soap opera Days of Our Lives. Want a taste of Chlöe’s upcoming album? Watch her TikTok below.


couldn’t get this melody out my head 😝

♬ original sound – Chlöe