What Did Aries Spears Say About Lizzo?

When Lizzo accepted the MTV VMA for the Video For Good Award this past weekend, the “About Damn Time” singer appeared to address some recent comments made by comedian Aries Spears at the end of her acceptance speech. “To the bitches that got something to say about me in the press… You know what, I’m not gonna say nothing,” she said on stage at the MTV VMAs. “They be like, ‘Lizzo why don’t you clap back? Why don’t you clap back?’ ‘Cause, bitch, I’m winning, ho!” It definitely felt like a jab at Aries Spears, especially when she tweeted out a clip of the acceptance speech with the words, “KEEP MY NAME IN YO MOUF CUS I KNOW IT TASTE GOOD BITCH!” But what did he say specifically?

What Did Aries Spears Say About Lizzo?

In an appearance on the Art Of Dialogue Podcast, it was suggested to Spears that Lizzo makes good music. He replied with a fairly unhinged (and frankly, misogynist) diatribe that body-shamed Lizzo numerous times. “Lizzo? I can’t get past the fact that she looks like the sh*t emoji,” he said. “She got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off… Come on, man… A woman that’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble.”

He took issue with what he called the hypocrisy of Lizzo’s “confidence,” indicating that she doesn’t care about diabetes, heart disease, or cholesterol, despite admitting he’s hardly a pinnacle of fitness. He then insinuated that this was a systemic problem with women in general: “You all claim womanhood and sisterhood and support for your sister when it comes to that ridiculous sh*t. But if you really gave a f*ck, why wouldn’t you go, ‘Black girl, we love you, we love your confidence booboo, but this ain’t it.’ That’s the real love… Y’all will jump on me for making jokes, but y’all won’t be real and go, ‘Sister, put the eclair down. This ain’t it, it’s treadmill time.”

Not a great look for Aries Spears, a middling comedian whose career highlights include appearing on MAD TV nearly 20 years ago and being Cuba Gooding Jr ‘s jealous little brother in Jerry Maguire.

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