Jay-Z’s ‘God Did’ Verse Has Rap Fans Re-Affirming His GOAT Status

As improbable as it may sound, it’s impossible to overstate Jay-Z’s impact on rap music and hip-hop culture. No matter how much praise fans heap on him, it’ll never be enough to really capture how truly important he’s been to the culture’s growth over the past 20 years. Yet, every so often, he returns with a reminder, giving fans another reason to re-affirm his greatness and declare him one of rap’s Greatest Of All Time.

The latest is Jay’s four-minute verse on DJ Khaled’s new album God Did. In the title song, which also features Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and John Legend, Jay-Z reiterates all of his accomplishments, from reaching billionaire status to launching the careers of even more billionaires (Kanye West and Rihanna) behind him to touring the world after surviving the rough-and-tumble hallways of the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. He even boasts about his efforts in social justice, claiming his REFORM Alliance lawyers are willing to work pro bono based on his stature.

Listeners are taking his messaging to heart, taking the opportunity to praise Jay with comparisons to LeBron James, calling the verse his greatest ever, and calling him the embodiment of Black excellence, even 30 years into his career. Naturally, many are already clamoring for him to record and release a new album ASAP. Should that be the ultimate outcome, may we respectfully suggest that DJ Khaled play executive producer on it? The track record’s immaculate.