Stormzy Went On Sky Sports To Share His Thoughts On Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Let The GOAT Be The GOAT’

Manchester United is coming off a triumphant Premier League win against Liverpool on Monday Night Football this week. The Red Devils (who are not being bought by Elon Musk) claimed goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, while holding strong following a late goal from Liverpool’s Mo Saleh to win 2-1, and noted Man U supporter, Stormzy, was in attendance. The star British rapper was hanging out on the pitch following the match when the Sky Sports postgame team grabbed his attention, spontaneously put a mic in his hands, and had Stormzy join the broadcast to talk about the win and his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Sorry, I’m a bit flustered right now,” he admitted with a laugh. “We was walking past, we were starstruck and somebody gave me a mic and now I’m here. Like, ‘Mom I made it!’” With his three nephews by his side, the crew asked him how he was feeling about the team’s performance. “That was amazing. That’s the best we’ve been this season….the best we’ve been for a long time,” he said before the subject turned to Cristiano Ronaldo and the hosts asked Stormzy what he thought about him. Considering Stormzy is one of the best in his craft as well, he gave an excellent answer that felt like it was meant to silence critics and pundits: “When you’re that great, you can’t speak on him. You just gotta let the man be great. That’s the GOAT. You gotta let the GOATs be the GOATs, man. You know what I mean?”

Stormzy’s disposition was all class. He was beyond hyped to be on the television broadcast with his nephews, adding, “This is sick though. Mans on telly with the boys! You made my whole year with this.”

Watch Stormzy’s full appearance on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football above.