Hit-Boy Is Fully With It On His New Single, ‘Fire Proof’

Hit-Boy has been a force in the game for 15 years, producing tracks for the likes of Kanye West, Nas, Beyoncé, and more. On his new single, “Fire Proof,” the legendary beatmaker gives a turn at rapping.

“Fire Proof,” is further proof that Hit-Boy is equally as skilled as a rapper as he is a producer. On a particular line in the song, Hit-Boy says he’s “working on his gratitude / you don’t understand me / I say that’s understandable / I’m done with the back and forth / I’m in a territory unexplored.” Shortly after the song’s slow, downtempo intro, the beat switches into a fast, drum-driven track. over the course of the song’s two minutes, Hit-Boy maintains his momentum, riding the beat with ease the entire time.

In an interview with XXL, Hit-Boy revealed that an upcoming rap project is just one of the many musical endeavors he has in the works.

“I been seeing a lot of people saying I should do a compilation of my own with my beats and just different artists,” he said. “That’s something I wanna turn up on. Look out for that Hit-Boy compilation. My rap album, too. I got all types of joints coming.”

Check out “Fire Proof” above.