Grimes Is Considering Elf Ear Surgery And Elon Musk Isn’t A Fan Of It

In some couples, there’s one person who wishes they looked differently while the other loves their partner just the way they are. That may be the case with one of the most prominent couples in the world. After Canadian musician Grimes tweeted her interest in elf ear surgery on Monday (August 17), her babies’ father Elon Musk made his disapproval clear in a public response on Twitter.

The musician revealed she’d made an appointment with a plastic surgeon two years prior and wondered what the people would want to see. “Any face mods y’all think would look good on me?” Grimes tweeted. The post that drew the Tesla CEO to the timeline was her earnest inquiry about the riskiness of elf ear surgery.

“Also, has anyone done elf ear mods with a good outcome? Im scared about ear cartilage having a hard time healing. Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I’ve wanted it my whole life. Curious about peoples experiences !” Musk enthusiastically replied with “The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside” on Tuesday, August 17.

It appears Grimes was able to take it in stride, following it up with a complaint about how she was born in the wrong generation.

Check out the Twitter exchange above.