Drake Celebrates Breaking The Beatles’ Hot 100 Record With A Big Roulette Win And A Request To Bitcoin

Yesterday, Drake topped another significant record by The Beatles. When the track “Staying Alive” by DJ Khaled with Drake and Lil Baby checked into the Billboard Hot 100 at the number five spot, it marked Drake’s 30th Top 5 single on the chart, thus breaking the tie at the top he previously held with The Beatles at 29. So what did Drake do to celebrate the accomplishment? He went on a high-stakes gambling roulette run, of course!

Drake is a noted gambler who won big money betting on the Golden State Warriors this past NBA playoffs, scored over $1 million in Super Bowl bets, and then won — and lost — over $25 million playing video roulette with French Montana. His roulette bets have all been on the online cryptocurrency betting platform Stake, whom he partnered with this past March. So immediately following the news of his record-breaking hit, Drake posted a headline and the a video on Instagram of himself winning $5,130,000 million on a roulette play. His betting was livestreamed on Twitch, which is something he often does when he’s betting big money, presumably to raise the profile of the Stake platform. “Ok I broke my records for the month now me and Stake need you to do your thing Bitcoin,” he commented on an Instagram.

Since the $5,130,000 is paid out in Bitcoin, Drake would stand to make even more if the price of the cryptocurrency shoots up. Hence him asking for Bitcoin to “do your thing.” He better hope that French Montana isn’t around though…