“Pist Off” Performer J Aktive Drops A Groundbreaking LP Bad Luv 

J Aktive released the much anticipated LP Bad Luv, which is an eight-track album and includes songs like “Cell Phone,” “Feel With it,” “Fall Back,” and the viral song “Pist Off.” The beat-boxer exposes a more vulnerable facet and reveals how he’s been chained by bad love: “Why you acting so tough/Call you out on your bluff/Hand the keys to my cuffs/Yeah/ I then had enough Bad Love/ Bad love bad love bad love/ Bad love bad loving bad love.” 

In addition to sharing personal experiences, the artist also speaks of issues that concern society. In his songs, J Aktive talks about his struggles, especially in this new album, where he has collaborated with SuperRoper, Gabriele West, JSP, Kay Franklin, Tati Elicia, Hailes Pare, EA & W33Z. 

Opening for Shoreline Mafia, Chanel, West Coast, Chingy, Compton AV, and Cassie Veggies, J Aktive has won over the public’s heart. With over 16 million views on social media, “Pist Off” has put the LA based artist on the map as one of the most promising musicians. The song has been shared by many famous personalities among which are Mario Lopez, Deion Sanders, and Janet Jackson. 

J Aktive’s versatile and profound vision for urban culture allows him to showcase his skills in various genres by mixing up different sounds and adding a fresh perspective to Neo Soul, Rap, Pop, and Hip-Hop music. The Aktivate Music Group founder is currently working on exciting new projects that are to be released very soon. 

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