Welcome Queenie Lasoul, An Up And Coming Talent

Gorgeous Queenie Lasoul just dropped “Nice Like Ouu”, a song off her upcoming album The KickBack EP. With a seemingly nonchalant yet extremely charismatic presence, Queenie raps and sings about a much discussed topic—self-love and confidence, empowering all her listeners to own their authentic self, at the same time reminding herself of who she is and who she wants to be.

The artist elaborated on this in a recent interview: “I wanted to write a song that could make you feel confident even when you’re not. I believe in manifestation, and “Nice Like Ouu”, along with my other songs, were written with that intention.” 

The Rap/RnBass creation carries so many colors underlying the minimalist arrangement. Queenie’s previous track, also off of The KickBack EP, sees her showcasing her rapping and rhyming talent as she addresses her audience directly. Check out Queenie’s Spotify profile down below!

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