Beyonce Releases A Surprise EP Of Four ‘Break My Soul’ Remixes

When Beyonce first released her house-influenced single “Break My Soul,” it was a pop culture-shifting moment. The single sparked a growing conversation about Black artists’ pioneering efforts in dance music, as well as reviving interest in genre staples such as Robin S.’s “Show Me Love.” Now, Beyonce has doubled down on the empowering track and her commitment to a traditional rollout for her new album, Renaissance (or maybe even quadrupled), by releasing a surprise, four-track EP of “Break My Soul” remixes.

Each of the new reworkings of the song is produced by a different standout DJ from the dance music world, including Honey Dijon, Nita Aviance, Terry Hunter, and Their respective takes add elements such as trance or church organs to transform the hit record and expand its inescapable dance floor appeal.

The new EP should help refocus the public’s attention on the music and tastemaking history lesson at the core of Renaissance after another of the album’s tracks inadvertently hijacked the public’s interest. After “Milkshake” singer Kelis called out Beyonce for supposedly sampling her on “Energy,” much of the discourse revolved around whether or not Beyonce should credit Kelis. However, Beyonce later removed the disputed vocal, keeping the actual interpolation of “Milkshake” that prompted the speculation.

Check out Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” remixes below via Spotify.