Axway Surprises Crowds With Latest Single “Bad Taste”

Italian singer-songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Andrea Taglienti, aka Axway, is dropping his brand new production titled “Bad Taste.” Incredibly well-built and enthralling, “Bad Taste” perfectly fits into the category of timeless tracks holding a mysterious power to become classic, if fans chose so of course. 

Co-written with acclaimed artist Séb Mont, and featuring talented urban creator Raziel Rose, “Bad Taste” demonstrates Axway’s unmatchable ability to connect with his audience through otherworldly music that hits all the sweet spots.

Elements of acoustic are seamlessly merged with electronic textures, adding to the magnetic appeal of the entire project. Pop, soft-rock and even Hip-Hop lines by Raziel Rose prove to be the ideal sonic formula resulting in a one-of-its-kind song, setting a solid foundation for everything coming next for the prodigious artist. 

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