ASAP Bari Says Playboi Carti Finessed Him Out Of Credits And Payment For ‘Go2daMoon’

In an ideal world, people will always receive credit for the things they do especially when someone else benefits. Unfortunately, the music industry is anything but an ideal world. Though there are proper platforms for songwriters, engineers, and other contributors to be given their acknowledgment, that process is often bypassed. Just this week, Kelis took issue with Beyoncé sampling her on Renaissance without reaching out to her, and now we see ASAP Bari has a similar issue with Playboi Carti.

Yesterday (July 29), Bari took to Instagram story to call out Carti for not crediting him or paying him for “Go2DaMoon” featuring Kanye West. Evidently, the ASAP Mob member played the song for Carti around the time Whole Lotta Red was being made.

“When you play Carti a Kanye song you had in ur phone produce by @wheezy,” Bari said over a clip of Carti listening to the song. “Even tho Carti never paid me or gave me Credit on the album but that go’s to a lot of rapper I’ve helped out but never got Credit for.”

Though this is yet another unfortunate situation commonplace to the music industry, Bari is still in good spirits as Kanye West recently gifted him a brand new Maybach truck days after he wrecked his previous vehicle.

Check out the Instagram clip above.