Lamar Odom And Fake Drake Are Squaring Off In A Celebrity Boxing Match

While Instagram banned Fake Drake — aka Izzy Drake — for impersonating the rapper on his feed (despite an apparent co-sign from Drizzy himself) that’s not stopping the impersonator from continuing to capitalize on his, err… likeness. Celebrity Boxing just announced via TMZ Hip Hop that Fake Drake will be duking it out in the ring with none other than former LA Lakers champ and former Khloé Kardashian beau Lamar Odom.

Izzy would be wise to be careful, assuming he watched Odom totally pound America’s tormented little brother, Aaron Carter in a Celebrity Boxing match last year. Fake Drake has been running his mouth, challenging the real Drake to a $1 million boxing match (which was the likely straw that broke the camel’s back on Izzy’s Instagram account) and apparently Odom did not find this sideshow amusing.

“Man, whassup? I hear this news that this fake lookalike wanna fight my man Drake… Swagger jacker dude,” Odom said in a pre-fight hype video while wearing a Nipsey Hussle shirt. “But my man don’t really get his hands dirty. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna step in the way and take that fight. Get the contract, bring it right to you. Lay you right down. Odom out.”

Meanwhile, Fake Drake’s hype video consisted of him mostly dodging tennis balls. This fight might be over before it even begins. But if anything, Fake Drake will have some extra scratch to bet on a fake roulette table.

The Celebrity Boxing match is scheduled to take place on October 15th in either Atlantic City or Miami.