Tyler The Creator Slams His Former Collaborators For Selling Old Demos Of His: ‘U Thirsty As Hell’

It doesn’t look like Tyler The Creator‘s decade-plus long feud with Bastard collaborator Brandun Deshay is ending anytime soon. This past Thursday, Tyler took to Twitter to express his disdain toward Deshay, now known as Ace Hashimoto, along with Tyler Major, for selling old demo tracks via Discord.

“b deshay and tyler major selling old songs of mine is wild ha,” Tyler said in a tweet, “all them discordd kids are sus especially 3D glass pacifist whatever the hell he called, copping stolen shit is like damnnnn u thirsty as hell ok.”

Tyler doubled down on his comments and even slammed the fans who were buying these demos.

“damn bro you that thirsty for 2 minute drafts / few hundred bucks get it together fellas,” he tweeted, “subliminal tried to get on a call like no bro, just stop, its not cool dawggy.”

Given his reservations about sharing his unfinished demos with the world, it is clear Tyler is protective of his craft. Back in March, Tyler also expressed his disinterest in non-fungible tokens during an interview for Converse’s 2022 All Star series. Instead, he prefers to direct his energy toward quality production and instrumentation.

“What the f*ck is a NFT?” he said. “I paint at home, I play instruments. … I have a friend who’s making me speakers by hand right now. What the f*ck is a NFT? None of the examples I’ve seen is, like, beautiful art. It’s a f*cking monkey in a Supreme hoodie.”