Drake Gets A Response From Jeff Bezos After Comparing Himself To The Amazon Billionaire

Drake once famously made a big deal about his humble beginnings on the 2013 single “Started From The Bottom.” Now, he has again chronicled some of his early days, this time with an Instagram post in which he compares his journey to that of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The post even got a response from Bezos himself.

On Instagram yesterday, Drake shared a two-image gallery on Instagram, one photo of a younger him and another of a younger Bezos at work in a meager-looking office. Drake wrote, “Gotta start somewhere.” In the comments, Bezos wrote, “Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

What the post and comments don’t note, though, is that the seemingly-humble Bezos photo Drake shared is from a time when Bezos was actually already more prosperous than most: The image comes from a 60 Minutes segment on Bezos and Amazon that aired in 1999. That year, Bezos was worth $7.8 billion and named Time‘s Man Of The Year. So, while it’s true that Amazon did in fact have a small start in a garage, the photo Drake chose for his post is certainly not representative of that era.

The desk, though, is indeed a DIY setup, a door with 4×4 pieces of wood for legs, which Bezos explains in the 60 Minutes segment, “It’s a symbol of spending money on things that matter to customers, and not spending money on things that don’t.”