Skilled Hip-Hop Artist Ramel Shakur Raises The Heat Level In Freshest Drops

Innovator extraordinaire and skilled Hip-Hop artist Ramel Shakur has been making the headlines since the release of his two latest creations; “What It Do” and “I.D.T.T.R.”

The American artist began his journey as a young choir singer, a life-changing experience for him as he both encountered his passion for music and discovered his spiritual side. 

The MultiMogul signee is also known for creating a weekly freestyle series with the hashtag #RAMELODYMONDAZE which has been boosting fans’ engagement and interest in the artist’s works.

Shakur’s track “What It Do” is a clear fan-favorite with over 60K plays on Spotify alone, and his latest one “ I.D.T.T.R” is set to follow a similar trajectory in terms of audience and appeal. 

Both songs come served with brilliant music videos providing powerful imagery to illustrate the artist’s vibe unto screen. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream Ramel Shakur’s new tracks for a memorable listening experience!

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