Kim Kardashian Says She Didn’t Speak To Kanye West For 8 Months Through Their Divorce

Kim Kardashian has a new TV show to promote. With the premiere of The Kardashians coming to Hulu on April 14th, Kim is making the press rounds and sparking juicy details about her life (hello again never-ending Kanye West and Pete Davidson drama!) to drum up interest for the new show. Would you expect anything else? So In a recent interview on the celebrity gossip podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat, Kardashian opened up about not talking to Ye for an extended period of time following their divorce, and how Davidson was quickly on the prowl for her heart as soon as he found out she was single again.

“We went about eight months without even speaking to each other at the beginning of the divorce,” Kardashian told host Amanda Hirsch. “And then, you know, we started talking again and I went to the Donda premiere. He would still see the kids and stuff, just him and I took a minute of not talking. And I think it all, in relationships, it’ll be like that. I only hope for, I hope we are the ‘co-parenting goals’ at the end of the day.”

You gotta admire Kardashian’s optimism to want to be model parents, despite all of the very public and very messy details of their divorce, which recently included Kanye searching for legal loopholes to stall the finalization of the filing. She spoke about how fan bases and the public influence the perception of what they’re still going through, but added that, “I’m always really hopeful and he’s also an amazing dad.”

Kardashian also spent time talking about her relationship with Pete Davidson and how he was trying to get her number pretty soon after she and Kanye began their divorce process. “His story is that he had been asking around for my number,” she said. “And everyone wasn’t sure, you know, ‘Is she going through a divorce?’ And he just wanted to wait a little bit.”

Listen to the whole episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat with Kim Kardashian above.