SOURCE SPORTS: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Throws Some Criticism Towards LeBron James

Things aren’t good in Los Angeles concerning the Lakers, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t happy about it.

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Speaking before the Lakers hosted Denver on Sunday afternoon at the unveiling of a social justice trophy bearing his name, Abdul-Jabbar again criticized LeBron James for actions he said “were beneath” James. He said the Lakers star should be “embarrassed” by some of his actions.

“Some of the things he’s done and said are really beneath him, as far as I can see,” Abdul-Jabbar said via Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “Some of the great things that he’s done, he’s standing on both sides of the fence almost, you know? It makes it hard for me to accept that when he’s committed himself to a different take on everything. It’s hard to figure out where he’s standing. You’ve got to check him out every time.”


These comments come just a few months after Abdul-Jabbar criticized James’ on-court celebrations, especially his vaccine hesitancy, calling it “a blow” to LeBron’s “worthy legacy.”

James is the second NBA all-time leader in scoring, only behind Abdul-Jabbar. It seems like Abdul-Jabbar is giving his take of James’ antics on and off the court. James is usually a buttoned-up individual. Hopefully, the two parts can talk things out rather than air each other out publicly.