Olivia Rodrigo On The Beyonce Grammys Performance That Inspired Her: ‘I Remember Watching It like 25 Times’

Olivia Rodrigo is nominated for a whopping seven (!) Grammys at this year’s ceremony, but it’s one of her favorite memories of a performance over ten years ago that’s top of mind right now. In an interview with People, Rodrigo remembered watching Beyonce’s rather iconic 2010 performance of “If I Were A Boy” — which, by the way, also interpolates Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” in a brief moment of genius — and being pretty inspired by the moment.

“There’s this video of Beyoncé doing ‘If I Were a Boy’ at the Grammys, and I remember watching it like 25 times, being so enamored with her,” she said. “It’s so crazy that, maybe one day, a younger girl’s going to watch my performance many times and think that it’s cool. That’s the dream. That’s all I want.” Olivia is slated to perform at this year’s event, so it’s very likely that exact scenario will occur this Sunday.

In the lead up to the Grammys this year Olivia has been anything but slowing down. She recently released her Sour film documentary, Driving Home 2 U, and is also apparently practicing for her upcoming tour behind the hit album by singing while running on a treadmill. That’s probably harder than touring itself, right? I mean, I can barely get myself to keep going on the treadmill with normal breathing… but I guess that’s how you get into the kind of shape Beyonce is in.