SOURCE SPORTS: Gus Edwards Sues an L.A. Strip Club After Being Robbed at Gun Point

Baltimore Ravens running back Gus Edwards got himself into a bit of a situation at a strip club, and now he is looking to return the favor. Via, Edwards has sued a Los Angeles strip club after he and a friend were robbed at gunpoint.

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Edward claims that he and a friend named Loomis Zaysay were at the Crazy Girls club in L.A. on December 11th. Edwards claims that he and Zaysay left a vehicle with the club’s valet, paying a $60 fee. They then paid $800 to sit in a private area guarded by security.

Edwards claims that the two men left after employees of the club started fighting. Edwards alleges that five men in masks, each of whom had a gun, confronted them and demanded their jewelry. The assailants took, per Edwards, a $50,000 necklace and a $25,000 watch from him and a $60,000 watch from Zaysay.


According to TMZ, Edwards said video of the incident showed the club’s security guards did not try to intervene in the robbery and that the club’s head of security told them to call 911. Edwards, who said he filed a police report, claimed he received an Instagram message about a week later telling him he had been “set up by the valet” and taken his jewelry to a local jewelry business.

Edwards and his friend are seeking more than $800,000 in damages from the club and valet service, according to TMZ.