Saweetie Encourages Female Athletes To ‘Get It Girl’ As Champion’s New Culture Consultant

Saweetie is hip-hop’s undisputed queen of brand partnerships. Sure, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat have fast-food deals, but Saweetie’s the one who kicked it all off with the McDonald’s meal inspired by her viral favorite food concoctions. She’s also got deals with Crocs (a co-sponsorship with Hidden Valley Ranch, also inspired by her revelation she likes to apply the dressing to more than just salad), MAC Cosmetics, and Amazon. So it comes as no surprise that she announced a new one this week, this time tapping into her history as a multi-sport athlete.

Saweetie is now Champion’s first-ever “Global Culture Consultant,” appearing in the sports apparel brand’s “Get It Girl” campaign (named for the Saweetie song of the same name, which also appears in a Beats By Dre ad) and throwing a spotlight on 12 collegiate athletes who have the “confidence to play by their own rules and look good doing it.” The women featured in the campaign are receiving more than just the look, too; Champion is providing access to Champion executives as mentors of entertainment, marketing, and media as well as sports.

“My relationship with Champion runs deep, as an athlete and lover of streetwear,” Saweetie said in a press release. “It’s been a go-to brand since high school! This campaign and partnership hit me on a personal level and I couldn’t be prouder to help all my sporty-icy girls out there feel empowered with self-love and confidence. When you feel good wearing Champion, the sky’s the limit.”

You can find out more about the campaign here.