Kid Cudi’s Music Teacher Mom Gave Him A B- In Her Choir Class

Kid Cudi dropped by Late Night yesterday and had a lot to talk about, like his upcoming movie X, getting his daughter into horror movies, and the time his music teacher mother gave him a B- in her class.

As a seventh grader, Cudi told Seth Meyers that to avoid being in his mother’s class, he took band class and tried playing the trumpet, like his older brother did. However, we was failing the class, so his teacher suggested he switch to his mother’s choir class. He did, and Cudi continued:

“All year long, I’m just like in the back of the class, trying not to get called on. And my mom was always trying to give me solos and sh*t. Sorry, I cursed. So stressed out about that still to this day [laughs]. Report cards came, the end of the year came. I’m thinking, ‘OK, my mom’s gonna give me an A+,’ you know? It’s my mom, right? I get my report card and I got a B-. My mom keeps it so real. She was like, ‘You missed some homework.’ I was like, ‘You keep it so funky.’ I got to respect it.”

Earlier in the interview, it was noted Cudi had become friends with Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson, who was the next guest on Late Night after Cudi. Cudi said he wants to be on Abbott Elementary, saying, “That was something that I was kind of just throwing out, talking to [Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams] about.”

Later in the show, Brunson came out and Cudi stayed for the interview. Meyers noted Cudi’s interest in the show and Cudi and Brunson said they’d talk about it while getting dinner together after the show. At the end of the interview, Meyers wrapped up by saying he hopes Cudi finds his way onto Abbott Elementary, to which Brunson responded, “Yeah, I mean, he’s Kid Cudi. It’s pretty easy. I don’t know why he’s like [laughs]… Tyler was like, ‘This guy wants to be on the show.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, he can.’”

Given that Brunson not just stars in Abbott Elementary but is its creator, it would seem Cudi is essentially a lock to be on the show if they can find a good way to work him in.

Watch Cudi’s interview above and Brunson’s below.