Ye Gifted Julia Fox And All Of Her Friends Birkin Bags To Celebrate Her Birthday

For many celebrity couples, the gift of a Birkin bag is a way to flex both their wealth and their love for each other. And with bags costing a minimum of about $4,000 and upwards of $380,000, it’s definitely no small gesture. That’s why Ye’s recent birthday gift to his new boo Julia Fox is so impressive. They’ve only been dating for less than two months now and Ye celebrated Fox’s birthday by giving a Birkin bag not just to her, but to all her best friends as well.

Fox, Ye, and much of their entourage spent Wednesday night celebrating Fox’s 32nd birthday. According to TMZ, the party rented out NYC’s French restaurant Lucien for dinner. Fox opened her birthday gifts at the table, making it clear that Ye went all-out. He gave her some flashy jewelry but saved the best gift for last. Everyone at the table, including all of Fox’s closest friends, was gifted Baby Birkin bags by Ye in an assortment of colors.

Fox was clearly overjoyed about the gifts. I mean, who wouldn’t want their new boyfriend to impress their friends with designer gifts? As you can see, Fox and all of her friends were posing with their new, very expensive bags.

Check out clips from Fox’s birthday bash above.