Tinashe Sees Her Future In The Stunning ‘X’ Video

Hindsight is 20/20. Just a few years ago, it looked like Tinashe was out of place and struggling to find her footing in the music industry. Today, it’s clear that she was just ahead of her time. Since 2020, a new wave of Black pop singers has emerged, working very much from a blueprint for which she helped lay the groundwork, including such breakout stars as Chloe and Normani. Then, in 2021, Tinashe returned with her album 333, coming full circle to land at the forefront of the movement she helped to start when no one else really “got it.”

Today, she released the latest single from that album, “X,” with a high-concept music video that slyly nods to the way she saw the future before anyone else did. Featuring a subtly comedic framework of a teenage Tinashe encountering a street hustler peddling visions of the future in his crystal ball, the video shows off the LA-based singer’s high-fashion sensibilities and acrobatic choreography with a team of dancers and a stunning wardrobe that is best described, in the words of her video co-star, as a “snakeskin octopus dress.” Unfortunately, featured artist Jeremih was unable to appear, as he’s been recovering from a vicious bout of COVID since 2020, but his verse remains intact. Either way, Tinashe makes her point; she could see what no one else could in her crystal ball and now, her vision is coming to life.

Watch Tinashe’s “X” video above.