T.I. Got A Mixed Reaction After Trying Out Stand-Up Comedy

It’s a widely-accepted truth in the stand-up comedy biz that everybody bombs, especially when they’re just starting out. This might actually be doubly true for folks who are getting into stand-up from other entertainment disciplines like music because while you might be used to working the crowd, the dynamics are just different enough to throw off any dilettantes. For instance, Chance The Rapper, who famously stunk up his first open mic attempt in 2019. Well, at least now he’s not alone, and can now enjoy the illustrious company of one Clifford “T.I” Harris in the rap-to-comedy hall of shame.

In a video posted to Instagram by T.I.’s wife Tiny and captured for posterity by The Jasmine Brand, T.I. attempts one of those tried-and-true areas of stand-up: relationship jokes. “If you ever get into the area of cheating, that’s no man’s land,” he cracks. Can you be in a committed relationship and still have a friend from the opposite sex? Now, if you f*cking, it don’t count!”


Now, no idea’s original, and to be fair, a few chuckles can be heard in the crowd in the video, but the response online was a little less forgiving of T.I.’s novice comedic chops. One commenter on the post wrote, “Boooooooooo! Get off the stage!” Another referenced one of T.I.’s recent boasts: “I get it now,” they mused. “When he said no artist out there could touch his catalog, he was joking. That is good to know because I thought he was high AF.” Ouch. There’s no pleasing everybody but clearly, if T.I. wants to continue down this road, he’ll have to work on his delivery.

Meanwhile, there was one rapper who recently made the leap who actually had a successful comedy debut: Danny Brown, who expressed excitement that he “didn’t bomb” when he opened for his friend Hannibal Buress in September.