Kodak Black Was Getting Twerked On So Hard At A Panthers Game That People Thought It Was More Than Dancing

Kodak Black has made headlines for many reasons. He’s a rapper, so he’s often in the news for his music releases. He got in trouble with the law early on in his career, so details about a potential sexual assault and battery case have been reported on many times, as have his charges for grand theft auto and child neglect. Lately, Kodak has even garnered attention for insisting it he’s the one who warrants a Verzuz battle with Jay-Z… which plenty of listeners will consider to be more off-the-mark behavior.

But tonight while watching the Florida Panthers play the Vancouver Canucks, Kodak and his fiancé, Mellow Rackz, caught the attention of fans at ​the FLA Live Arena for a different reason. Namely, for around of twerking that was intense… it seemed like it might be more than just dancing. Although a different clip posted later showed Rackz dancing up on him in a way that seemed to indicate there was no foul play involved, plenty of fans — and then, of course internet commenters — had already assumed that Kodak and Mellow got bored watching the game and decided to get it on.

Hey, even the most sex-positive among us can agree, that whatever two consenting adults want to do is all well and good, but it probably shouldn’t happen in an arena setting. Looks like that wasn’t the case here, but the internet had a field day anyway. Check out some of the reactions below.