Vince Staples Posts A Subtle Signal That His New Album Is Complete

On New Year’s Day, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples tweeted that he only needed one more thing to finish his upcoming follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 self-titled project — and it looks like he got it. Vince previously told Desus & Mero that he has a new album called Ramona Park Broke My Heart on the way and it looks like it’ll be out sooner rather than later.

That’s because the one remaining criteria he set has likely been fulfilled. When he tweeted, “This album is done if I can get @djquik,” no one could have predicted that he’d have made that particular meeting happen inside of a week. But that seems to be exactly what happened, thanks to an Instagram post from the Compton hitmaker himself featuring Quik, Vince, and Quik’s son David Blake Jr. at Westlake Studios in Hollywood.

Astonishingly, this might only be one of a pair of future projects for the fatalistic Long Beach rapper, who also revealed he’d recorded an album worth of material with The Alchemist last year. If he can find time to roll that one out, 2022 just might be the year Vince gets the recognition he’s been earning ever since he dropped his first mixtape, Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1, back in 2011.