Lil Durk Vouches For His ‘Broadway Girls’ Collaborator Morgan Wallen: ‘He Ain’t No Racist’

Country star Morgan Wallen’s recent controversy regarding a certain racial slur didn’t deter him from collaborating with one of Chicago’s biggest rappers, Lil Durk, for a song that quickly rose on the charts, “Broadway Girls.” Apparently, now that he’s gotten a taste of rap collab success, Wallen wants to expand his pool of coworkers to include Kendrick Lamar — a sentiment with which Durk agrees 100 percent.

TMZ caught up to the Windy City drill rap pioneer recently, asking him about the controversy surrounding Wallen. Durk vouched for his collaborator, saying, “Nah, he ain’t no racist. That’s my boy. We had a long talk—he had his public situation, we had [a talk] behind closed doors, and I’ll vouch for him and he good.” When asked whether Wallen should be “uncanceled,” Durk was adamant that he never was. “He ain’t canceled,” he asserted. He also agrees that Kendrick should collaborate with Wallen.

The numbers certainly seem to bear out that sentiment (remember, kids, no one is ever really canceled, that’s just a buzzword and a red herring). Wallen topped several Billboard year-end charts despite the kerfuffle, and his fans even rented billboards to request forgiveness for him. If Kendrick did decide to accept Wallen’s collaboration invitation, it would almost certainly result in some impressive sales figures, if nothing else.

Watch Durk’s interview with TMZ above.