Yes, Cardi B Actually Gifted Offset $2 Million As A Birthday Present

Over the years, Cardi B has proved herself a really great gift-giver. Each year, the rapper seems to one-up herself when it comes to her husband Offet’s birthday presents. Who could forget the time she gave him a refrigerator filled with cash, or the year she gifted him a brand-new Rolls Royce? But this year, to celebrate Offset’s milestone 30th birthday, Cardi truly out-did herself. The rapper answered the age-old question of what you gift somebody who already has everything. Apparently, the correct response is $2 million.

Describing her thought process up on stage in front of their friends and family, Cardi said she asked herself what Offset really likes. “So I’m like, ‘Oh that’s right. Some schmoney-gang. So babe, this is my birthday [present] to you. I know you got a lot of business ventures coming in 2022. That’s $2 million n****.” The rapper then handed her husband a massive check proving she wasn’t kidding.

Of course, Cardi isn’t the only great gift-giver in her family. Offset also knows how to wow his wife with amazing birthday presents. Earlier this year, Offset gave Cardi an entire house in the Dominican Republic, her family’s homeland. The home came complete with stunning architecture and even a rooftop pool.

Watch Offset’s reaction to Cardi’s massive gift above.

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