Pooh Shiesty Sends Love To His Supporters And Addresses His Haters In A New Message

Pooh Shiesty has been behind bars since July as a result of gun charges in two separate incidents. The first dates back to October 2020: an alleged armed robbery in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida in which Shiesty shot someone during an exchange for sneakers and marijuana. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, but in October, he filed to change it to a plea deal. The second incident dates back to May of this year, when he was accused of shooting a security guard in the leg at Miami’s King Of Diamonds strip club.

The rapper was denied bail in both cases, and with the May 2021 case still pending, it’s unlikely that Shiesty will be released anytime soon. Despite this, he remains confident that things will change, as per a new post he shared on his Instagram page.

“Ima Be Back In A Minute Won’t Be To Long Til I’m Free I LOVE ALL MY FANS AND THE ONES WHO STILL SUPPORTING ME [hundred and heart emojis]… I Still Remain Untouched And Unf*ckwitable, Still Talkin My Sh*t Like I’m 8feet 3, Still Poppin King Sh*t, Still Having My Way Like King Eatin Like A King And Thinking Like A Winner, Ain’t Sh*t Changed But How My Clothes Get Washed And How The Doors Gettin Locked… They Think It’s Ova Wit For Me That’s Okay, That’s Cool Tho This Just A Brief Message Afta These Few Words Im Back Silent, Im Going Ghost You Gone Feel Me If You Need To Hear Me So Keep Det Same Energy I Still Hear Everything… My Sh*t Public Records Look Me Up NO 5K1s NO RULE 35s RATS DONT RUN IN MY BLOOD WE BULLIES!!…. Lotta Mf’s happy cause I’m put up right now, but Dets what you call p*ssies, I been knew all that love was fake that’s why I won’t let up at all I still got 1 foot on you n****s neck, y’all able to breathe a lil bit now cause I’m away right now… but it’s gone take more than tomatoes too catch up wit me, ya hear me!!! I RAN UP 10ms in 2 years off telling my life story and I got mo power den money but that’s some you can’t buy I’m the youngest in charge I done been threw mo sh*t den a 99 year old… Just taking ts 1 day at a time , I take ova sh*t everywhere i go, N**** IM LOCKED UP BUT MY MIND STILL FREE, YA CANT LOCK THAT UP, I BEEN THROUGH WORSE SITUATIONS, BUT IM AT MY BEST RIGHT NOW, it don’t get no bigger den dis IM DA BIGGEST BLRRRD”

Despite his imprisonment, Shiesty has seen a few accolades come his way. They include appearing on the list of YouTube top-trending videos of 2021.

Pooh Shiesty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.